Pornhub launches VR porn channel with free 360-degree adult videos

April 26, 2016

Virtual reality porn is quickly becoming a thing.

Pornhub, the largest pornography website on the Internet, is the latest company to jump on the VR porn train. The porn site has partnered up with BaDoink, a company that specializes in producing porn videos with 180- and 360-degrees of visual immersion.


But unlike porn companies like Naughty America that require a subscription in order to access their VR porn content, Pornhub is giving its VR porn away for free.

"VR porn is great for any occasion," states one person in the company's super cringe-worthy promotional video, which you can see above (the video is SFW and contains no nudity or porn). "Always wanted to be in an orgy? Well no here's you chance!"

In another scenario, one guy awkwardly tells his dad how great it is: "It's VR porn dad! With your very own headset. It's like you're really there!"


The only thing you'll need to view Pornhub's VR porn videos is a VR headset — Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard — and an Internet connection.

The VR porn videos, which can be seen here (WARNING: NSFW), are short VR experiences, with most of them no longer than six minutes. There are currently 26 VR videos, all with corny names, of course.


For some reason my iPhone 6 didn't work. I switched to an Android phone, hit play on a video and then tapped the VR headset icon. Sure enough, the video split into two — one for each eye — and two female adult entertainers started to get rowdy with my fake male VR body in "BaDoinkVR 360 Degrees of Seduction."


I can definitely see Pornhub's VR porn content becoming very popular. (The site also keeps getting knocked offline — possibly from tons of users trying to test it out.)

One annoying thing is ads. There are tons of porn ads that pop up (not in VR, but in Chrome ) when you're finished with a video and get in your way. It's enough to worry if your phone will get a virus or something.

With the largest porn website now getting serious about VR porn, expect other adult entertainment production companies to join suit. This is just the beginning. The quality may not be the greatest right now, but that'll change as VR cameras get better and cheaper.

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