Top Video Stitching Software For 360 Degree View

November 22, 2016

The process of Stitching is mostly performed through computer software. The process requires the exact overlaps of videos and identical exposures.

The fact is this process is being used by many for different purposes like videography to military surveillance. But which app you should choose for your video stitching? Read on...



Video-Stitch has many great features and you can stitch video while never leaving the program, but you'll need PTGUI in order to do more advanced work. Ptgui has been around since 1996 and is still a wonderful panorama stitching program. When compared to Kolor's Giga, I find I can work much faster and do more in ptgui. They have shortcuts for everything which I find very useful and can allow you to work more efficiently.


Kolor is in excellent company and they have a lot of panoramic tools beyond video and photo stitching, including virtual tours (panotour) and play back (kolor eyes). They were recently acquired by GoPro so it will be interesting to see the future of the company and how it progresses, but I don't see them slowing down anytime soon.

One of the features of Kolor Autopano Video is that this video stitching software let people combine videos into a single shot the covers the entire 360 degree.


A student from National University of Singapore has designed a revolutionary prototype named after SkyStitch. This is a high-definition video surveillance system which is carried and flown by quadcopters. It captures real time video. In simple words, it stitches videos from multiple streams and create a combined feed. This is appropriate for aerial surveillance application that is in requirement of wide angle view and high resolution video.

Say for an example, at the time of a search mission or rescue mission SkyStitch can provide panoramic view of 360 degree in high resolution to help and guide the emergency professionals. The benefit of this video stitching software is so strong that it can combine 12 HD quality videos in single frame within just 50 milliseconds even at prototype stage. The market value for such systems is going to hit billions of dollars in the near future.


IC Real Tech’s new Allie Pro

Now, this one is very sleek and elegant looking and absolutely perfect to match the interior décor of your house. It doesn’t look odd. The new Allie Pro camera from IC Real Tech can capture two 360 degree camera feed and can show it to whichever direction you prefer. Even if you want, you can see the live footage of the videos. One very good thing about this is that unlike other virtual reality cameras, this one is not too big or not too expensive. Allie Pro is a perfect fit for you.


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