Play Doom and Doom 2 in VR

April 24, 2016

Every gamer should know the game Doom and every player should have played a Doom game at some stage during their gaming life. Since the release of Doom in 1993, it’s been a game that gamers have continued to play and continued to support.

It’s not that surprising then that Doom games have become available to play on your Oculus, so thanks to Gz3doom who has got both Doom and Doom II now working on the Oculus Rift Oculus Runtime 1.3.


The games are not perfect in VR and have some small issues which is expected for a game built over 20 years ago and not designed for VR, but if you have never played Doom or if you love to still play Doom it’s definitely worth checking out down here:

To play GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode, follow the instructions at

Release Notes:

This is a bug-fix release
Use smaller HUD area in Rift mode, for better fit with Rift CV1 FOV
(finally!) Repair appearance of certain mapping error glitches
Correctly show transparent weapon when player is partially invisible
Radiation suit and other screen effects now cover the full view
Explictly enumerate command line options in Rift shortcut, so power users can more easily modify them
Increase default run speed to 80. (I personally also assign a controller button to "run"...)
Turn off screen wiping in Rift shortcut and oculardium_optimosa command, since screen wipes were always glitchy anyway
Automatically activate xbox controller support in Rift shortcut, because the Rift comes with one, and it's actually pretty nice for standing play
Executable is now built with Visual Studio 2015, rather than Visual Studio 2010 (sorry for the long wait with the newer redistributable installer)




For latest releases please visit GZ3Doom github

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