Pokemon is now available in a virtual reality

July 23, 2016

It may not be the first time someone's remade Pokémon for the Oculus Rift, but it's probably the most exciting.

By pairing the VR headset with a Leap Motion and Voice Attack, players of the Unofficial Pokémon Alpha Prototypecan even pick up Poké Balls and throw them at vanquished opponents.

A short playable demo of Pokemon in Virtual Reality - defeat a wild pokemon using your trusty Pikachu. Pick up and throw your pokeball. Then command Pikachu to attack the wild pokemon. Then pick up and throw the empty pokeball to capture.


Install instructions
*Setting up VoiceAttack

Download at http://www.voiceattack.com/

Select Edit Profile and input commands from the included "PokemonVR-Profile.vap" file

*How to Play

Say "Start" to begin. You see a wild pokemon in the forest. Look to your right and pick up and throw the pokeball to choose Pikachu.

Say the attack names or press the buttons to select an attack.

When the wild pokemon faints, Look to your left and pick up the pokeball and throw it at the fainted pokemon to capture it.

*How to Play without Leap and VoiceAttack

Press "0" to begin. Press "p" to throw your pokeball. Attacks are connected to "1","2", & "3". Press "o" to throw your capture pokeball


For this game you will need to have Oculus Rift



Of course, the title is just a short unofficial demo made by a fan named Tipatat. But it's available to download and try for yourselves.. at least until the lawyers get their hands on it. All we have to do is hope that someone at The Pokémon Company or Nintendo sees some potential in being able to walk through Pallet Town in this way.


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