PlayStation VR technical details and specification

November 13, 2016

Let's see how the new PSVR stands up to the competition and tear it down

The PSP our headset is a whopping six hundred and ten grams not including the cord that's heavier than any other VR set on the market. We start to take off a little weight by removing the rubber light shield. This shield shuts out the light
for better user experience and bonus. You don't need tools to remove it a set of jay is Cruz holds the front panel together and once they're removed we're able to get the front panel off.

Underneath we find the LED array. This cable array is held in place by clips that are easily disconnected unlike the Rift and five which rely on invisible InfraRed light for position tracking the PSP are used visible light LEDs.
We now have an inside look at how the scope adjustment button works.
I relief is the distance between your eye and the plane of the display. A large adjustment range means that users can pick classes under their headsets with ease.
Since we're sliding it we might as well separated from the headband.

Next to come out is the motherboard which is home to the new Vuitton nuke 123 series arm cortex-m 0 microcontroller and on the other side the Toshiba made HDMI interface bridge.

For the complete list of chips head on over to the end of this article.

After removing the sizable microphone that was mounted under the visor we remove the display.

The PSP VR uses a single 5.7 inch LED display that has a resolution 1920 x 1080.

Last to come out are the lenses unlike the lenses in the vibe in the oculus cb1 these lenses aren't Fornell instead the PSP VR uses large smooth dome-shaped lenses.


Technical details

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