How to transform your iPhone or Android into an awesome HUD for your car

November 05, 2016

One of the coolest new features in premium cars these days is the head-up display feature or HUD.

HUDWAY Glass is a universal vehicle accessory turning your smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car bringing comfort and safety to drivers.

This feature projects a small display onto your windshield just below your line of sight and shows key information like speed, navigation directions and more. But guess what: HUD features aren’t just for pricey luxury cars anymore. Check out the HUDWAY Glass, which adds a head-up display in any car on the planet for just $64.

There are 600 million people in the world who get behind the wheel of a car every single day. According to the researches, approximately 75% of them get distracted while driving — it could be just drinking coffee, talking to a child in the back seat, reaching for the glove compartment, changing a radio station, and so on... But the worst and most frequent distraction is our phone.

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 Alternative HUD for your smartphone

Here are some cheaper alternatives for the HUD in your car

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