Brand new PlayStation VR games

February 01, 2018

Here is the list of newest PSVR games.


Moss is an absolutely adorable VR game where you help Quill get through every level with some puzzle solving. As you get through the forest with your cute mouse friend, you'll take on puzzles and enemies alike. Pre-order this game now to make sure you'll get it whenever the release date is announced.


Apex Construct 2/20

Apex Construct is a well-made fantasy game, the first Fast Travel Games has made. It takes place in a world overrun by invasive robots, and you have to take them down with your bow and shield. This game isn't available for pre-order, so you'll have to wait for the release date to order it.

Pop Up Pilgrims 2/20

Pop up Pilgrims is a cute 2D game where you have to use your puzzling solving skills to get your pilgrims through each level. With your cloud cursor, you'll click to make them move around and get them to safety. You can pre-order this game now and be ready to save the pilgrims on the 20th!

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